The company PCP stands for “Products for Card Payments”. We are a distributor of POS payment products and solutions provider for IT-security. Our target markets are in Europe the Middle East and Africa.

Having specialized in POS hardware we are able to point out the best products & solutions for your particular needs.

We offer a wide range of products which include

  • magnetic readers
  • chip card readers
  • chip & PIN card readers
  • tokens
  • crypto wallets
  • POS terminal solutions
  • NFC solutions

Our products adhere to Visa Best practice, PCI and EMV requirements. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service to ensure customer satisfaction is met and long term relationships are built.

As a registered customer at PCP you are able to receive special pricing and order products 24/7 via our online shop.

We look forward to a successful long term partnership.
Your PCP team.



Rothenberg-Nord 3
82431 Kochel am See