Products used in POS (Point of Sale) make up the main part of our business offering at PCP.

We distinguish between stationary and mobile POS and offer

  • full POS terminals
  • mobile card readers
  • contactless readers
  • signature capture devices
  • accessories and peripherals

mobiler POS

We offer mPOS (mobile Point Of Sale) products which are used in conjunction with mobile devices like a smart phone or tabs allowing merchants to accept card payments or to make use of loyalty applications on the go.

We offer

  • Mag-stripe readers
  • Smart card readers
  • Chip & PIN devices

including the SDK to enable the use with most Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices. Naturally the readers can easily be set to encrypt the card data using TDES or AES encryption standards and DUKPT key management.

Our Chip&PIN devices are EMV-L-1, EMV-L-2 and PCI-PTS / SRED certified. For further details please go to Downloads or visit our online shop.

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fixed POS

Further products we provide are manufactured for use in non-mobile or fixed POS environments. We offer signature capture devices, swipe and Smartcard readers and a range of accessories and peripherals.

Contactless readers from Vivopay can be integrated easily with a number of terminals including VeriFone and Ingenico terminals, to enhance existing kiosks and vending machines with contactless capabilities at minimum cost and effort.

Accessories & Peripherals

Nearly all merchants will have a need to print customer receipts. We offer mobile printers that are easy to use, light-weight, simple to install and communicate with iOS, Android and Blackberry devices via Bluetooth.

SecureBack cases are rugged, light-weight and let you attach your iPad, iPad Mini and iPhones to solid objects. Excellent to use in crowded places like exhibitions, markets and stadiums.



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