We offer a wide array of services that go beyond selling our hardware products.

Our services include

  • Project management & consulting services
  • Product design
  • Manufacturing

Project management and consulting

We are able to assist you to turn your product ideas into realistic projects. If you are lacking certain resources we are able to help you bridge these gaps by offering to take on parts of the project or handle the entire process from design through to manufacturing and can help you with your Sales & Distribution of the finished product.

Product design

We take your technical requirements and product specifications and help you to come up with appealing products taking component costs and quality into account. This includes finding the right hardware components, designing and laying out the pcb and suggesting the best software & firmware for the product in question.


Long-term relationships to local and international manufacturers allow us to produce products of high quality at reasonable rates. Based on product type, complexity and production quantities, we are able to provide the right manufacturing location that best suits the individual project requirements.

Call back service

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