Your idea implemented by us:

We offer a product-specific and integrative range of services, customer and solution-oriented.

Our service includes

  • Project management & consulting in the payment area
  • Advising in the field of IT security
  • Consultation on the integration of hardware and software in the area of 2-factor authentication

Project management & consulting in the payment area

Often there are good ideas for a product or project, but your day-to-day business does not leave you time to implement or organize the necessary changes and processes. At PCP we specialize in project management in the payment area to help facilitate and ease your workload. We can oversee the entire project management for you, from the initial idea through to the market launch.

Consultation in the field of IT security

We’ll work with you to develop an individual strategy that meets your needs and requirements. Regardless of whether you are a small business owner or a medium-sized company, we’ll analyze where you stand and develop a tailor-made solution for your company.

We can also support you with the integration of new or existing IT-hardware and software applications. You decide how integrated we become in order to support you and your IT team.

Consultation on hardware and software solutions

Home office, mobile services, contactless payment systems: The requirements for hardware and software solutions for your business are becoming more and more complex. We have the experience to help you make the right choices and pick the best options available to you. We advise you on the selection and integration of hardware and software solutions to enable you to securely access your company data from remote locations or while you are on the move. Together with you, we will implement the high security standards that your customers expect.

Whether 2-factor authentication via OTP tokens, biometric access control, FIDO / FIDO2 or authentication via ID-cards, we help integrate the new solutions into your existing systems. By doing so, we’ll ensure that your company data is only accessible to the people who have been properly authorized.

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