Ultimate simplicity


The perfect compact design

Feitian ePass certificate based PKI token ensures the highest level of integrity for virtual interactions, brings assurance and peace of mind to online transactions and data transmission all around the world.

Perfect compact design: OTP c100


We support 2 different OTP algorithms to meet different requirements and scenarios, enabling the maximum flexibility to the customer.


Seed Security

Feitian secure production system is consist of dedicated hardware devices and OTP production management system which is used to centralize and simplify the administration process of OTP token production, enabling customer with the ability to totally control the seed security in different levels.

Token Architecture

the entire on-site programming solution


The powerful authentication system

Feitian OTP Authentication System (FOAS) is a multi-channel identity verification system which can simultaneously validate the user to a server and vice versa. Moreover, FOAS can establish a highly secure communication environment by providing digital signatures for web based transactions.

Server - The powerful authentication system


We provide full customization options to enable the ability to make your own OTP token.



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