PiP NFC reader


(Apple VAS & Google Smart Tap 2.1) PiP READER

Our latest NFC innovation will be perfect for merchants’ evolving brands. The PiP allows you to redeem rewards, centralize your loyalty programs, access sporting events and concerts, and much more! PiP also provides convenience by supporting Apple VAS & Google Pay Smart Tap. It also supports Beacon & Mifare.

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PiP Specs:

Interface: Micro USB (HID & KB)

Operating Temps: 0°C to 60°C

Humidity: Max 95% non-condensing

Power: 5 Volt USB powered

MTBF: 30.000 POH

Dimensions: 75,77mm(L) x 70,44mm (W) x 14mm(D)

Supported contactless protocols: Apple VAS and Google Smart Tap 2.1