QR-Code OTP Token c603


PSD2 compliant transaction signing token

With FEITIAN QR code OTP token, there is no need for the user to manually input the long transaction data (such as account number, transaction amount), all the data will be displayed on the token screen by simply scanning the QR code from the online banking page, and then signed with an One Time Password which is dynamically linked with the transaction data.

No BYOD, substitution for Authenticator Mobile App

FEITIAN QR code OTP token is the perfect substitution for Authenticator Mobile App, for places where it is not allowed for an employee to use his own mobile phone as 2FA to protect services like SWIFT, KeyCloak, Citrix Netscaler, Docusign and many others.

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Größe:  100 x 55 x 20,5mm (L*B*H)
Gewicht: 93,5 g (inkl. Batterien)
Interface Typ: USB 3.0 / Type-C
Batterie: 3 Stück AAA & 1 Knopf Batterie
Gehäusematerial: ABS+PMMA+Silicone
Tastatur: 16 Tasten 
Kamera: 300K Pixels
Unterstützte Algorithmen: OATH time-based TOTP (RFC6238) & Challenge/Response (OCRA RFC)