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We offer a product-specific and integrative range of services, customer-focused and solution-oriented.

Our consultancy services include

  • Payment ecosystem
  • IT security implementation
  • Two-factor & multi-factor authentication hardware integration

Payments consulting

We offer payment expertise not only in the selection of the right hardware, but also in the integration and selection of the right gateways and acquiring partners. Often customers have great ideas for new customized solutions but lack the specific payment know-how is missing. At PCP, we specialize in payment ecosystems and can make your life easier by taking on certain tasks for you.

IT security consulting

We work with you to develop a customized strategy that meets your needs and security requirements. Whether you are a sole proprietorship or a midsize enterprise, we analyze your current situation and develop a customized IT security solution for your business. We then support your team as needed during the integration and implementation phases. You can choose how much or how little support we provide to your IT team.

Advice on hardware and software solutions

Whether it’s home offices, mobile services or contactless payment systems, the demands on secure hardware and software solutions are becoming increasingly complex. We have the experience to help you meet these challenges. We can advise you on product selection and the integration of hardware and software solutions so that you can access your corporate data on the move. Together, we’ll implement the IT security standards that you, your employees and your customers expect.

Whether it’s two-factor authentication using OTP, biometrics, FIDO or QR tokens, simple access control or authentication using NFC readers with badges, we can help you integrate the new hardware with your existing IT system to ensure that only the people you authorize have access to your company’s secure data.

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