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Working from home has become the new norm for many public sector employees during the coronavirus pandemic. At home, colleagues have the best possible protection against the coronavirus. However, computer viruses should not have an easy time of it! Today`s IT networks enable a seamless workflow between local and remote work environments. However, the foundations of the digital administrative infrastructure must be safe and secure.

PCP supports municipalities and district offices, city councils and authorities as well as their associated service providers throughout the German-speaking region in the implementation of secure home office solutions. Our top priority is to help you to ensure secure access and a protected exchange of your electronic data, for times when your employees can only meet digitally, as well as for the new challenges of working digitally.

Home Office für Gemeinden, Landratsämter und Behörden

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Passwords are becoming obsolete

Multi-factor authentication (mfa) and 2-factor authentication (2fa) is increasingly becoming the standard because it really protects your it-infrastructure. however, it is a hassle for your employees to remember personal passwords and possibly implement additional security measures. this is where password-less authentication methods come into play, which simply replaces the password. they follow the principle: something the user has, plus something the user knows.

Passwörter werden zum Auslaufmodell
2-Faktor Authentisierung für Gemeinden, Landratsämter und Behörden


A number of internationally recognized companies rely on the advantages of FIDO and certify their products for use with FIDO Passkeys.
Here you will find a growing list of companies, that adhere to using PASSKEYS.

Selection of FIDO & FIDO2 products in the PCP online store

Secure fingerprint access to the municipal network

In addition to flexible and well-organized employees, an IT security system is essential for smooth collaboration and easy switching between the office and home office. Therefore, it is important to have secure hardware and software available. We can help you implement two-factor authentication by using hardware tokens (OTP tokens) or biometric fingerprint-secured FIDO2 security keys, as recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security, Microsoft and the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, for example. FIDO stands for Fast Identity Online.

FIDO passkeys and OTP tokens enable secure, password-less multi-factor authentication that can be tailored to many identities, profiles, policies, devices, applications, programs, and firewalls.

FIDOK43 Vorder- und Rückseite mit ID-Bild

Why are FIDO keys or OTP tokens more secure than passwords?

  • No one wants to remember more and more passwords!
  • Users tend to use the same passwords for multiple systems.
  • Many employees use insecure applications on the same devices they use privately in order to access sensitive areas of corporate infrastructure from their home office.
  • assword/username combinations are intentionally compromised through phishing, malware attacks or by hacking the servers themselves.
  • Passwords are the cause of data breaches 81% of the time!

The solution:

FIDO Keys and OTP tokens enable secure, password-less multi-factor authentication that can be customized for many identities, profiles, devices, applications, programs, and firewalls.

PCP offers you the following advantages

Flexible deployment
No matter what security software you already use or are considering using, we can provide you with the appropriate security key or hardware token.
Short delivery times
One-time acquisition cost
PCP offers a variety of fingerprint-enabled FIDO2 security keys, tokens or token cards with short delivery times. Whether event-based (C100) or time-based (C200 & VC200), we have the right option for you and your users, and depending on the quantity you need, we have stock available immediately or at short notice.
With FIDO passkeys or tokens, there are no ongoing costs after your purchase.
Customizable: also combined as a service card or access pass.
You can assemble your own individual keys or tokens. Choose from different token housings, time- or event-based, different colors, security algorithms and 6- or 8-digit pin variants.
As a further alternative, we offer rechargeable FIDO2 NFC badges and biometric fingerprint-secured FIDO2 Security Keys in many technical design variants. Transmission is via Bluetooth BLE, NFC and USB Type-A, Type-C or via Lightning interface.
For example, the FIDO2 AllinPass K43 can be used as a service ID card and, if desired, also as an access badge for buildings and various rooms or can even be used for payment in the canteen via the application with appropriate software.
Our tokens support the 2 most common algorithms (SHA1, SHA256) with 30 or 60 second time intervals in order to meet the different requirements of your existing IT infrastructure with maximum security.
Seed Security
We provide maximum security through our OTP production management system. It allows token seeds to be generated on-site and tokens to be programmed by us. The seed is always transmitted in encrypted form over a variety of media to ensure complete security.

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